Apr. 13th, 2017

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Lots of posts made private or deleted. Filters all removed. I've kept a few tags for things I quite like and still make me happy :)
There are bits of the past I'm happy to keep visible, others even I don't want to be reminded of!

My messages on LJ didn't survive the import to DW, which I'm somewhat annoyed about because some of them are/were important to me. I'll find some way to capture those that retain meaning. will delete LJ when I've got what I want from it.

Still going to post publicly until I've located and added as many of my people as wish to be located and added.

Got to make some new icons because I don't want it to look like I'm pretending I'm in my 30s.

Pete says tidying up and organising takes time and energy because you have to look through things and decide whether you want them. So true! Have I ever regretted things I've thrown away? YES! ...and in some cases I've tried to get them back and thank you, Amazon UK.

Link to my Wordpress blog isn't working, which is bollocks.

Goodnight people who are still awake!

Love to people xxx
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Should be packing for tomorrow but busy day and only just getting around to eating dinner. I leave you all with a photo of this lovely treat I hope to have a healed-enough mouth to eat on Sunday. Although we are wondering if it might be possessed by an evil bunny spirit, perhaps the same one as that bunny from the Monty Python film... Cut tag to protect your delicate eyes )


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