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I seem to have got involved in organising Queer Code London. We have a breakfast meet in Central London on Tuesday 1 August Tuesday 8 August, 7:30am-9am, and I’d love to see as many people there as possible.

The breakfast is free and includes vegetarian options, and the building is step-free accessible. You’ll need to join the Meetup group to see the location, but it's in Central London within a couple of minutes’ walk of a zone 1 station. Spaces are limited, so sign up ASAP.

No allies, please – this event is for queer coders only — but please pass this on as widely as you like.


Jul. 12th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Was outside for 20 minutes today, now have brilliant scarlet forearms and calves. Was wearing a hat, fortunately, so face is OK. Back of neck probably also colorful, but I can't see that.

(Wouldn't stalked eyeballs be *fun*?)

Got paperwork done to get insurance reinstated; should have coverage again by next week sometime. Hopefully I don't die first, but my record at that is pretty good so far. Searched storage area for shade canopies for next week's festival; didn't find 'em, but did find six folding chairs we can bring along. Arranged ride *to* ride on Wednesday. Need to fall over now while body repairs sunburn damage.

It's prolly a walrus...

Jul. 10th, 2017 08:59 pm
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So i was wrong about having a Chronic Fatigue Flare Up - that doesn't give you a fever. I've had a temperature most days for the last three and a half weeks and I am very, very bored. Otherwise the symptoms are much the same as chronic fatigue - exhaustion, swollen glands, feeling generally achey and brain fog.
I've been prodded by the GP and there's no obvious flavour of ill (my throat, ears, lungs, guts and urinary tract are all normal-for-ludy) but a blood test some virus type infection markers. A glandular fever screen was negative (though they aren't very reliable and i have had that before) I was worried i might have an enlarged spleen but it turns out i've somehow managed to pull a muscle under my ribs cause a totally unrelated pain! So all she could recommend is rest and fluids and watching out for secondary infections. She couldn't guess how much longer it might go on
I'm feeling bored and isolated but I don't have the energy to do anything so i'm feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Circumstances mean i wouldn't have been doing much MumCare over the last fortnight anyway (Brother visit and then planned Respite) but ongoingly that's a problem. And of course it'll be the Smalls school holidays soon and other summer-y things are coming up like my Birthday and BiCon.


Unexpected London - afternoon

Jul. 9th, 2017 01:20 pm
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Doing that had taken longer than I expected, so it wasn't going to be possible - annoyingly - to get down to Soho Square to see (and photograph) Marcus in action.

OK, there's the Gay UK - Love, Law and Liberty exhibition at the BL, what's that like?

A mix of the very interesting (for example, one of Kenneth Williams' diaries, open at the date of Joe Orton's death and Kenneth Halliwell's suicide) and the absolutely appalling (the bi-erasure).

I'll publish the tick sheet on later, but somewhere that uses 'gay' and 'homosexual(ity)' about a hundred times has precisely two uses of the B-word.

One's at the very start, where they have it as 'bi-sexual' FFS, and the other is in the description of who Diva magazine is (supposed to be) for: 'lesbian, bisexual and queer women'. Of course, the first issue that's on display says lesbian four times on the cover and the others not at all...

Another display actually says that the woman in question 'enjoyed affairs' with men and women but refuses to use the B-word. WTF?!?

If I still lived in London, I'd be leafleting it.


One of the things that's been on my 'it'd be nice to do' list for a couple of years has been doing an audio tour of bi community London. So given the nice weather and the bike hire, I thought I'd get a few sites in.

That ended up including..

London Friend (home to the London Bisexual Group for many years);
the wine bar and the pub nearby people often went to afterwards;
Central Station (home to SM-Bi and several other things);
The Scala (one of two cinemas that showed bi/queer stuff regularly);
what was The Bell (gay pub that at one point became the venue for people who wanted to meet up on a Friday but not at the LBG);
what was The Fallen Angel (middle home for the LBG);
what was the London Lesbian & Gay Centre (had a bi ban at one point, venue for the second BiCon - amusingly, given the ban it's now called The Fence);
what was the old HQ of THT (bi-erasure, mostly);
University of London Union (BiCon in 1991, BiFest) including, because it was open for Marxism Today, inside*;
Mary Ward Centre (BiCon in 1986);
British Monomarks (we used to have BM Bi and BM BiCon as postal addresses);
what was the sorting office that the bi phoneline had a PO Box at (right by the BBC's more famous one!);
Blue Posts (Bisexual Underground for most of its life);
Drill Hall (bi and queer theatre plus, I think, a home for the London Bi Women's Group);
Hamilton House (home of the old Health Education Authority - erasure plus main meeting place for Bisexuals' Action on Sexual Health).

I then planned to go to Heaven, but it proved impossible to get near on a bike. Soho was packed and the parade (spit) was still arriving in Trafalgar Square with no sign of finishing at 5:30. Even getting to a cycle station that had a space to dock was difficult and I needed two 'it's full / not open' extensions before getting to one that would allow me to dock and get another 30 mins hire.

I might also have done the Royal Festival Hall (some BCN meetings plus at least one meetup group).

As well as that, I know of the bar in one of the entrances to Euston (a late LBWG venue). I think they also used the Women's Library (now moved?), a bar in Soho, and..?

I looked for, but couldn't spot because of a market, the venue for the old Paradise club which is where the BiCon 1991 social was, on a road off Upper St, Islington. I didn't go as far as the PO Box for the LBG after giving up BM Bi.

Outside my range for the day and I wasn't sure of the exact address were Partners south of the river, (Bisexuals at Partners social group) and Ted's Place near Hammersmith (where Bisexuals at Partners moved to), plus the Doggett's Coat and Badge by Blackfriars bridge (assorted BiFests) and the bar in Earl's Court the LBG had a birthday party at (its 15th?).

Outside the hire area, there's The Factory (first BiCon), Hampstead Meeting House (BiCon 1988), Kingston Uni, the Woolwich campus of Greenwich, and UEL (more recent ones), the LARC community centre in East London (BiFests), the Eurolink Centre in Brixton (Pride Trust when it became LGBT), and the flats that housed the physical kit that made the bi phoneline work.

I'd have to look up the venues for The Fence-sitters Ball (I can remember one, roughly, but there were quite a few of them). I might have the address for the bars that were the venue for the socials for BiCon in 1986 ('Merlin's Cave') and 1988 (some pub, I think I have the flyer somewhere). There was the interview for the BASH Peer Ed Project interview (THT or the HIV Project off Tottenham Court Road) and the PEP weekend for London (north of Oxford St).

Where did Greedy happen?

Where else am I missing?

* * I'd wondered why the SWP had a couple of stalls outside - and shouted 'rape apologists!' - as I'd gone past earlier. There were far too many of their stalls to do that at all of them.

Unexpected London - morning

Jul. 9th, 2017 10:19 am
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I wasn't planning to be in London on Saturday but.. )
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